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Truffles & Crémes Flavor Indicator

Each uniquely shaped chocolate truffle and créme is filled with a rich & velvety chocolate ganache (truffles) or sweet & silky créme center (crémes). Our signature truffles and crémes are available with both milk and dark chocolate shell varieties.

What’s In The Box?

Want to know what’s inside the truffle you’re about to enjoy? Just check the list below, alphabetical by shape.

Almond Almond Coconut Créme

Butterfly Orange Créme

Cherries Cherry Truffle

Coffee Bean Toasted Almond Mocha Truffle

Diamond Kahlua Truffle

Grand Marnier Stamp Grand Marnier Truffle

Green Stripe Bailey’s Irish Cream

Heart with Pink Stripe Raspberry Truffle

Horse & Horseshoe Milk Chocolate Truffle

Mouse Peanut Butter Truffle

Palette Rum Truffle

Pharaoh Caramel Truffle

Rosebud Mexican Truffle

Sailboat Mint Truffle

Shell Strawberry Créme

Shield Cranberry Créme

Snail Shell Vanilla Butter Créme

Snowflake Bourbon Butter Créme

Swirl Bittersweet Truffle

Swirl Cap Cherry Cordial

Textured Heart Passion Fruit Truffle

Tulip Chocolate Butter Créme

Wedge Lemon Créme

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