Magnolia’s Custom Gift Basket

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Create your own Signature Gift Basket with confections you know they will love! Start with a box of assorted chocolate truffles and build your custom basket from our best-selling products.


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Signature Assorted Chocolate Truffles

Each uniquely shaped chocolate truffle is filled with our rich ganache and paired with premium ingredients. From our cherry cordial truffle to our famous peanut butter mice, these silky treats are a candy lover's dream, and a chocolate lover's delight.

Exquisite in taste and delightful in design, our truffles are a chocolate lover's dream come true! As a thoughtful gift or a treat for yourself, you can never go wrong with a box of chocolates.


Dark Chocolate English Toffee – optional

Our Handmade English Toffee might become your new obsession! This delightful confection features our handmade toffee, lovingly sandwiched between two layers of European dark chocolate and finished with a dusting of finely chopped almonds.

Gourmet Nut Brittles (Cashew & Pecan) – optional

Featuring our original brittle recipe, these gourmet Nut Brittles contain no shortage of fresh, high-quality pecans or cashews, giving them the perfect balance of sweet and salty. And just like the good ol' days, we hand make all our nut brittles in an old-fashioned copper kettle.

Choose between Cashew Brittle and Pecan Brittle. Either nostalgic confection is bound to bring up great memories, and maybe make some, too!

Almond Bark (White, Milk or Dark Chocolate) – optional

There is no shortage almonds in this chocolate treat! A simple confection, our almond bark is a treat that everyone will love! Choose between milk chocolate, dark chocolate or white chocolate.

Turtle Butter Crunch Popcorn – optional

Handmade caramel corn — a special recipe of our homemade caramel and fresh-popped butter popcorn — mixed with premium whole almonds and drizzled with both milk chocolate and dark chocolate.

If we peaked your interest at "caramel" and had you drooling by "popcorn," then we have a bag of Turtle Butter Crunch Popcorn with your name on it!

Original Recipe Butter Crunch Popcorn – optional

Butter Crunch Popcorn is one of our most popular products. What this treat lacks in chocolate*, it makes up for in sweet simplicity. Featuring a mixture of handmade caramel corn and whole almonds, this mix is a must-try!

*You will find chocolate in our Turtle Popcorn, another fan favorite!

Chocolate Cashew Turtle Clusters – optional

Our Chocolate Cashew Turtle Clusters are made with top-quality cashews, homemade caramel, and our amazing European chocolate. They might be called turtles, but a herd of these clusters will be gone in a flash!

Chocolate Pecan Turtle Clusters – optional

Made with premium pecans and our homemade caramel, these Chocolate Pecan Turtle Clusters come in dark and milk chocolate varieties. A little bit of sweet, a hint of salty, all wrapped in caramel goodness make this turtle treat a real winner!

Chocolate Covered Cranberries – optional

Sweet, tart and covered in creamy milk chocolate. Full of antioxidants from the cranberries, and the mood enhancing benefits of chocolate, these chocolate covered cranberries are an all-around winner!

Chocolate Covered Malted Milk Balls – optional

This crispy treat covered with smooth milk chocolate will hit the spot! Try bag of these giant gourmet malted milk balls today!

Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans – optional

Espresso and chocolate? Enough said.


Create your own Signature Custom Gift Basket with confections you know they will love! Start with a box of assorted chocolate truffles and build your custom gift basket from our best-selling products. Stick with a dark chocolate theme, or create an ultimate variety with chocolates and sweets galore.

Our customization option gives you ultimate gifting power. Order one basket for the office and send multiples of our best-selling confections so that there is plenty of Homemade English Toffee for everyone. Fill a second basket with our old-fashioned brittles, and maybe some white chocolate almond bark. Every occasion, any size, our custom gift basket is exactly what you need to make someone’s day special.

Allergen Note

Our chocolate shop processes tree nuts, peanuts, milk, soy and wheat. Please contact us with any specific allergy concerns.

Signature Assorted Chocolate Truffles


1/2 Lb., 1 Lb., 2 Lbs.

Gourmet Nut Brittles (Cashew & Pecan)


Cashew, Pecan

Almond Bark (White, Milk or Dark Chocolate)


Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate

Chocolate Cashew Turtle Clusters


Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate


1/2 Lb., 1 Lb.

Chocolate Pecan Turtle Clusters


Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate


1/2 Lb., 1 Lb.