Fletcher's Basket: Truffle Hill Chocolates Half Pound Signature Chocolate Truffles, English Toffee, Cashew Brittle, Turtle Butter Crunch, Almond Bark
Half Pound Signature Truffles Truffle Hill ChocolatesEnglish Toffee Truffle Hill Chocolates Tonka Bay MinnesotaTurtle Butter Crunch Truffle Hill Chocolates Tonka Bay MinnesotaCashew Brittle Truffle Hill ChocolatesAlmond Bark Truffle Hill Chocolates Tonka Bay MinnesotaSullivan's Basket Truffle Hill Chocolates Tonka Bay Minnesota

Fletcher’s Gift Basket


** Half Pound of our Signature Chocolate Truffles
** English Toffee
** Turtle Butter Crunch
** Cashew Brittle
** Almond Bark

Product Description

Half Pound of our Signature Chocolate Truffles

Made everyday in our candy kitchen in Minnesota, these exquisite treats come in an array of flavors to keep all your tastebuds satisfied. Filled with a rich, secret chocolate blend that melts in your mouth, these silky truffles are the chocolate lover’s dream. Dig into timeless, delicious flavor.

English Toffee

Handmade toffee sandwiched between European dark chocolate covered with almond dust and split almonds – might become your new obsession!

Cashew Brittle

Made in our large copper kettle, this is one of our most popular products. We use simple ingredients for our brittles – simply outstanding.

Turtle Butter Crunch

Popcorn Butter Crunch & almonds drizzled with high quality European chocolate make this delight impossible to put down!

Almond Bark

Fresh almonds smothered with white almond bark makes this a treat for the entire family, office…or yourself!