Our Mission

To deliver a premium confectionary experience with every batch of our handmade chocolates and specialty confections.

Our chocolate truffles and other specialty confections are all hand-crafted in small batches. We use only the freshest ingredients and the finest chocolates to ensure that each and every product – from a single truffle to our large chocolate gift basket – delivers the best chocolate experience.

Carrying on a Legacy of Handmade Chocolate Confections

Tom and Roberta Higgins opened the doors to Truffle Hill Chocolates in 1995, making a lasting impact on the community with their handmade chocolates and other confections, crafted from quality ingredients and fine chocolate.

Today, Tom and Roberta’s passion for chocolate lives on through our owners and employees who craft each piece!

Keeping the tradition of crafting chocolate truffles, brittle, toffee, popcorn, and other handmade chocolates and confections for customers isn’t easy, but it’s sure worth the effort. We feel fortunate to have such a wonderful staff to learn from and help carry on the tradition of small-batch handmade chocolates for which the shop is known.

Next time you’re in the area, please stop by the shop and say hello!

Truffle Hill Chocolates

Chocolate Truffles: A brief history

Around December 1895, the first chocolate truffles were made. They were invented in Chambery, France by M. Dufour and by the early 1900’s the rest of Europe learned about truffles. Soon after that, they were introduced to the rest of the world. Because of the shape they took when made, they were named after the mushroom fungus plant known as the truffle. During this time, the consumption of this truffle plant was considered to be extremely luxurious and extravagant. Therefore, the truffle candy was associated in this fashion as well. Today, truffles still have the reputation of being a lavish treat but are much more affordable to dine on.

Essentially, chocolate truffles are a treat that can be easily recognized for their small shapes. The interior of these candies always contains some form of the ingredient ganache, though at times these centers can be combined additional fillings as well.

At Truffle Hill, our chocolate truffle filling combinations may include ganache mixed with caramel, nuts, fruit, and liqueur, just to name a few. The exterior part of the truffle varies from a simple dark cocoa powder dusting to an extravagant enrobing of dark, milk or white chocolate. Often the handmade chocolates are topped with nuts, sprinkles and more. The truffle has become a favorite confection to experiment with; we’re always trying to create the latest and greatest truffle combination!

From classic combinations to contemporary twists (Sriracha Truffle, anyone?), a box of truffles always makes a great gift! Whether you want to say “Thank You,” or treat your significant other with chocolate (and flowers), a box of our Assorted Chocolate Truffles says it all!